Computers, printers, telephones, TV sets – they are only a part of electronic appliances that must not be thrown in usual garbage containers as they contain hazardous substances. Appliances having been thrown out in inappropriate areas, hazardous substances get into soil, groundwater and plants and further into a human body thus causing harm to health.

crossedgarbage If this sign is visible on an electronic appliance, be sure, this appliance must not get in environment together with usual household waste!

On average each citizen of Latvia has 7 kg of electric appliances. Around 60 million tons of electric appliances are thrown out all over the world per year with an increasing tendency. Nowadays electric appliances are everywhere and their usage period ever decreases, therefore there justifiably arises a question, what should be done with the increasing number of this second hand equipment?

According to the statistics Latvia is in one of the last places in Europe following the volume of collected and recycled electronic appliances. While other European countries have increase in amount of recycling, this amount decreases over here.

The company "Elektro Punkts " has been dealing with sorting and recycling of electronic waste for many years. We provide sorting and delivery of electronic waste to specialized processing areas. Our clients receive compensation for delivery of waste electric appliances to specialized disposal areas. We also offer, by prior arrangement, the removal of appliances from your home or office free of charge.

With its motivating payment system "Elektro Punkts " turns Latvian residents to green thinking to take care of nature and to live in clean and tidy environment!

Licences and permits

State Environmental Service’s issued permit for category B polluting activity No. LI16IB0003

State Environmental Service’s issued license for purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and waste in Latvia No. 2007-02/160


Regulations on acceptance of discarded electronic equipment

Regulations on management of electrical and electronic equipment
22.11.2011. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 897

Regulations on waste classification and characteristics making waste hazardous
19.04.2011. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 302

Regulations on electrical and electronic equipment categories and the requirements for electrical and electronic equipment labeling and the provision of information
08.11.2011. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 861

Arrangements of certain types of hazardous waste management
21.06.2011. Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 485

European Parliament and Council Directive 2002 /96 / EC
01.27.03. On electrical and electronic waste

Waste Management Law